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Why Scalp Exercise Is Essential For Hair Health

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The head is highest from the heart; and the topside of our scalp is the highest part of our head so it makes sense that our topside losses hair first, called Male Patterned Baldness (MPB). I once heard that being slapped on the face is healthy. Ridiculous as it may seem, I now believe it to be true because a slap on the cheek does give you the needed blood circulation which is so important for our skin's health. Our hair scalp just like the rest of our body needs blood circulation for oxygen so the scalp skin cells can regenerate. However, the top of our head is probably the second least touched area of our body. The first is our backs. Have you ever asked yourself why a back massage feels so good --it is because it rarely gets touched since we can't reach it unless of course we go to a massage therapist. The same thing goes with the top of our head --it hardly gets touched and if it had nerve endings and be sensitive enough, a massage would feel great too. Unfortunately, the top of our head doesn't have enough nerve endings for sensitivity to deserve a good rub which is why we don't massage it enough which then leads to not enough blood circulation...and thus the hair loss. Ever wonder why hair baldness normally does not start on the sides or back but...on the top of our head.

Our hair just like any fixture needs a strong root and foundation to stay in place --- the scalp is that foundation. However, there is only so much we can do to strengthen our hair directly such as giving it chemical treatments or taking in more Vitamins B12, E and Iron, because much of it is attributed to our genetic makeup, family history and the aging process. With that said let us just limit our solution to what we can control. In the end, it comes down to where the rubber meets the road --the hair follicles depend on a strong and healthy scalp to anchor itself into. Poor circulation and lack of blood flow to the scalp translates into malnutritioned and weak hair roots. Once the hair roots get weak, the hair follicles become susceptible to DiHydroTestosterone (DHT). DHT then attaches to the hair follicle which then reduces its growth cycle stage, the anagen stage. As a result, each time a new hair grows it is thinner and weaker than the last and this cycle continues on until eventually the hair follicle stops growing hair entirely. This then leads to baldness. This is why frequent hair scalp massages and scalp exercises to stimulate the blood flow and sebum oil circulation is a critical and essential part in the anagen or growth stage of the hair growth cycle.

Here is a regular 5-minute hand exercise routine that can stimulate your scalp:

1. With your 5 fingers in one hand horizontally opposing the other 5 fingers of your other hand

2. Straighten and stiffen your fingers, and press the tips of your fingers on your scalp,

3. In a vigorous back and forth motion, trying to grip only the scalp and not the hair, stroke each set of fingertips opposite and towards each other to create a pinching action to squeeze out the old sebum oils and stimulate your scalp without pulling your hair.

Following this regular hair scalp exercise routine will help prevent hair loss and promote a healthy head of hair.

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