"Simple, yet elegant solution…the way breakthroughs normally are."
             -Sarah F.

"Its excellent massage action on my back feels the closest thing to human hands like no other."

"I can feel the scalp exerciser really work through my hair, and the back massager feels like actual fingers."
               -Noel V.

"It really works! For just a couple of minutes a day, I turned from thinning hair to having normal, healthy hair."

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About Us

About the Company is the main distributor and marketer of the original SCALPEE, Scalp Exerciser. We have turned scalp exercising from a tiring and exhausting routine into an art with the use of SCALPEE. No more hand fatigue when you try to massage and exercise your tightly drawn scalp. With SCALPEE, a 1-minute vigorous routine can make your scalp feel refreshed and invigorated.



Unlike a conventional head or scalp massager that vibrates your scalp, SCALPEE gives your scalp a refreshing exercise because it squeezes your tightly drawn scalp together in a broad-pinching action to unclog the pores of toxin and product buildup. It also replenishes the old sebum oils from your sebaceous glands. After a 1-minute routine, your scalp will feel refreshed and invigorated. The blood circulation and hair folicle stimulation your head gets prevents hair loss and strengthen existing hair root.


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